1. Find a space in your home with adequate lighting, either by natural or artificial light and
this light has to illuminate you directly from the front when taking photographs.

2. If possible, try to have a background behind that has an uniform color, without very
striking textures or patterns.

3. Preferably have a family member or friend help you take the photographs to achieve a
better result. In case this is not possible, you can program your camera or cell phone to
take them automatically using the timer.

4. In the case of the face, do not use any type of makeup when taking photographs. Do not
edit photos or put any kind of correction filter.

5. Position yourself at a distance of 1 meter (when photographing face and bust) and 2
meters (when photographing body).

6. Place your face or body in exactly the same positions as shown below, depending on
the area of the body that we are going to assess, without omitting any of the angles and
making sure that all the photographs have an adequate quality in terms of lighting and

7. Make sure that all the photographs are in JPG format.

Below you can find the index of the areas to be photographed depending on the type of
procedure you want:

Areas to photograph Procedures
a) Eyelids
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasy)
b) Nose
Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)
c) Ears
Ear surgery (otoplasty)
d) Lower face
Chin surgery, lip augmentation or facial grooves correction
e) Face and neck
Face and neck lift, neck liposuction or cheek reduction
f) Facial expressions
Botulinum toxin application (Bótox)
g) Breast
Breasy augmetation, reduction or lift
h) Chest and abdomen
Gynecomastia correction or male tummy tuck
i) Abdomen
Abdomen liposuctionr or tummy tuck
j) Arms
Arm liposuction or lift
k) Thighs
Thigh liposuction or lift
l) Buttocks and hips
Buttocks and hips augmentation or lift
m) Body contour
Lipoesculpture or combined body contour surgeries

A) Eyelids

B) Nose

C) Ears

D) Lower face (chin, lips y grooves)

E) Face and neck

F) Facial expressions (frown, front lines and crow’s feet)

G) Breast

H) Chest and abdomen (man)

I) Abdomen

J) Arms

K) Thighs

L) Buttocks and hips

M) Full body contour